• She is a poem

    Belongs to a series of video-performances made in collaboration with the photographer, video-artist and poet Keith Brighouse.

    Exhibited at The Backroom Gallery in Rotterdam (February-March 2017) and at TWISTER pop-up galerie Zwijndrecht (May-June 2017)

  • Study of D NO BODY

    Julia collaborated with Dario Tortorelli (DIVEinD) in his research of D NO BODY, a series of installations / performances with the objective to create the ideal self through the influence of another. Society often pushes us to conform to conventions without knowing or questioning our real identity.

    In this research, Dario and Julia explored new ways of representing an image by abstracting the body. Can we omit the body in a physical performance?

    Performed at Time Window Festival, Rotterdam (October 2016) and at Winter Nights Festival (December 2016)


    A collaboration with fashion designer Tineke van Hilten, who is especialized in E-Textile and Wearable Technology.
  • How to become your favourite animal

    A collaboration with sculptor Josine Slemmer. Presented as a work in progress at Garage Café Rotterdam on 1st December 2016.
  • Apacáy

    Apacáy is a Rotterdam-based quinted that plays South-American music with a wide variety of styles from Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Cuba. Julia performed with Apacáy at the Festival Latino Americano at LantarenVenster (Rotterdam) last August 20th 2016.
  • Ochún & Changó

    On 28th June 2016, Julia performed Ochún (Yoruba dance) at the Final Bachelor Exam of the percussionist Erik Larrea. “Yoruba” is the name of the Afro-cuban tradition which is related to the religion “Santería”. It comes from the mixture of the African culture brought by the slave trade to America and the christian religion that was established in Cuba by the Spanish. “Ochún” is one of the female goddesses (orishas) of the religion santería. She represents the love, the sensuality and fertility. Her power is represented with the cosmological forces of water, moisture and attraction. Therefore, she moves like a river, with ondulations and fluidity.
  • Steel Wounds and Beaten Sounds

    "Steel Wounds & Beaten Sounds" is a collaboration between JFilament and Deer & Wolf Productions. A dance video to bring paintings alive.

    Art-director: Julia Filament | Jfilament
    Director of Photography: Jasper Van Gheluwe | Deer & Wolf Productions
    Dancers: Alexandre May and Julia Julia Gómez Avilés
    Music: Excerpt of a composition by Pete Harden | performed by Ensemble Klang

    Exhibited at: Garage Café Rotterdam (December, 16) and Cultuurwerkplaats, Vlaardingen (April-May 2017)

  • Moonflower

    Julia collaborated with Alexandre May in his choreography Moonflower, commisioned by AKOM Ensemble.

    “« Every definitions of freedom will rule in favor of determinism. » Henry Bergson Moonflower is the result of research in social psychology. How an individual relate to a group? Conformism, obedience, desire of breaking through. Moonflower asks two questions : How much am I daring ? Is my will [only] mine ?”  

  • Teatro Magico

    Teatro Magico (Magic Theatre) is a unique project is organized by Ivy Lemos (Taal Brasil) which involves Brazilian music, circus and dance.
    Julia performed with this project in their first edition, 1st May 2015 at “Fullmoon Babylon”, Rotterdam and the 24th September 2016 at “New Skills” Festival at Zuiderpark, Rotterdam.
  • The eternal me

    ‘The Eternal me’ is a performance with a unique collaboration between sculpturing, contemporary music and dance. During the performance the dancers make their bodies eternal in a sculpture they create within the choreography. The musicians not only guide the dancers by playing but they also actively assist the dancers with casting themselves on stage.

    Project leader: Josine Slemmer
    Composer & gitarist: Aart Strootman
    Choreography & dance: Marijke de Vos and Julia Gómez Avilés
    Singers: Vera Hiltbrunner and Kiki Luitwieler
    Technique: Ruud de Boer
    Thanks to: Otto Ligt, Joran Koster, Landgoed Cool tot Terhave, De Machinist, Studio de Bakkerij, Coup Ravage